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no one's perfect. including me. but, i'm trying to be a better is beautiful.right now, i'm having a good life with those that cares so much about me..
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Bila Allah sedang ‘menguji’ dengan sesuatu, itu bermakna Allah sedang ‘mengajar’ sesuatu.

 Bila Allah hantar sesuatu maknanya Allah nak tegur sesuatu.

Selamat belajar.

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my best friend’s wedding- anis. Love you friend. Now she is waiting to deliver her baby. First member of SPANAR getting married. (GOMBAK, July 2012)

ada luka-luka yang masih berdarah, rawatlah dengan Ramadhan.

picnic at PORING. (2008)-fara,harith,hamdi,hapiz


To do list, before you sleep.

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